1948 Crosley CC Truck

Engine44.2 4 CYL 0.7/L

Vehicle Details

Body StyleTruck
Engine44.2 4 CYL 0.7/L

Vehicle Description

This small-scale truck features two charming bug-eye headlights on the front as well as cream colored paint that continues along with this truck's diminutive appeal. She features a 44.2 inline 4-cylinder engine that cranks a "whopping" 18 horsepower and a 3-speed manual transmission with a floor shift. It's windshield is tastefully split down the middle and the windows are made in a sliding door design. Chrome is present around the headlights, bumpers, rims, and antenna. The rear end of the truck is decked with wood paneling and a single taillight on the driver's side. The tires are whitewalls and this vehicle comes with a spare stored on the underside of the bed. The interior is a mix of cream colored metal, brown carpeting on the doors, and black carpeting on the floors with the headliner being brown and in great condition. The two bucket seats are a cushy brown and the dash has a circular Crosmobile gauge that measures fuel, amps, oil, and temperature all in one circle. This truck was frame off restored, and is an excellent representation of the Crosley brand. Crosley was one of the most advanced automobile manufacturers in America during the post-WWII years, and pioneered the production of quality small cars for a nation raised on cheap fuel and high speeds. All in all this is one compact truck, and you won’t find a nicer one! $17,500.